How to make your own custom beer coaster?

Beer coasters are an item that is used as a surface to place beer jars or mugs so that the surface below doesn’t get spoiled and the drink stay protected from insects and other particles. Many big brands and companies are now using custom beer coasters as a way to market their brand. They prefer to use a customized beer coaster which has their brand logo and other imperative information imprinted on it. Beer coasters serve various purposes and are easily available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can even make your own beer coaster at your home. You need to follow a few steps, and you will have a specialized beer coaster for yourself.

Tips to follow to make a beer coaster at your home

Trace the shape of your coaster around a cardboard

You can take 6-pack carton of beer pack and a piece of mirror. The shape of the mirror can be of your choice, the form you want to give your coaster. Place the mirror on the cardboard and draw a line following the mirror using a pencil or pen. This is done to have a shape for the coaster you are going to make.

Cut the cardboard in the shape of the traced line

Now once you have traced a border around the mirror now cut out the shape from the cardboard and try to cut a bit bigger than the figure you have drawn on the board. This helps you adjust the size and make a good beer coaster for personal use as well as using it as a promotional item for your business.

Cover it with a layer of mod podge

Now you have to cover the cut out with multiple layers of mod podge to make it firm, strong and durable. Once you have done that, now let it dry and soon put a coat of polyurethane on the cardboard and then give it a finishing touch. You custom beer coaster is ready.